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A Website, but Make It Hollywood: 4 Important Videos Your Site Needs to Have

Is your site fit for the 21st-century visitor?

If so, it’s packed with useful content that’s versatile, interesting, and above all, it has visual appeal. About 90 percent of web users are more interested in video than text content. Video catches the eye and keeps visitors on your page longer, which in turn increases your search engine rank. Here are the four most important videos to have on your website.

1. Your Brand’s Story

You probably have an “about me” page on your site. But does it introduce your brand in an appealing way? Does it tell your story by conveying emotion? Does it compel attention?

Give your “about me” page a makeover by turning it into a video. Shoot your narrative in your preferred style, and then embed it into your current brand story. You can further enhance it by updating the pages visual layout and style.

whether you opt to shoot a simple video telling your story in your company’s office, or you make the video into a more thorough production, you’ll attract more traffic to your site overall.

You may choose to introduce your employees, or even feature a video customer testimonial. If you’re daring and you want to show your brand’s light-hearted personality, you may even insert some humor into the video. Whatever you choose, your video will likely perform better than your current text-only page.

2. Product Demos: Some Of The Most Important Videos On Your Site

What’s a surefire way to sell your products?

Show your potential customers the products while in use. Demonstrating products as a promotional strategy is an old-hat marketing trick. Nearly every commercial ever made about a tangible product depicts a demo of the product itself.

An easy way to win over your customer’s trust is by posting up demos of your most prominent products. These demos don’t have to be long. Between 10 and 15 minutes per video should suffice, depending on how intricate your product is.

If you can find loyal customers that agree to be on camera, ask them to demo their favorite product for your site. A combined demo and testimonial makes for a strong video that won’t require much effort or money out of your own pocket.

3. How-tos and Expert Tips

One of the best ways to convert potential customers is to teach them about your products.

Sometimes, the demo alone isn’t enough to sway a customer. If he or she understands that your company is a leading expert in its industry, they are more likely to trust you.

Research shows that 56 percent of people of all ages are visual learners. This is the main reason why videos perform as well as they do across both generic and custom websites.

Teach your customers to trust you through how-to videos and expert tips. Each video can be as short as one to three minutes, depending on the topic. Once you lay the groundwork for an expert platform, your videos can drive throngs of visitors to your site without much additional promotion.

4. Company And Industry News

Customers like to keep up with their favorite companies. They like to know what’s new, and what progress you are making with products they already love.

That’s why news videos are very convenient and important for your site. You can even use them to promote new products in a clever, nondisruptive way.

Using the latest video technology, you can host live news briefs on your site every now and then. Once the live brief is over, you can easily archive it on your site. This type of interaction with customers leaves them excited and willing to trust you, which is a win-win for you both.

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