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5 Ecommerce Website Design Tips Guaranteed to Impress Your Clients

Do you have an idea that’s making decent money, but you’d like to expand your brand? Put it online!

An ecommerce website is the ideal place to connect with customers and grow your company. But you have to design it right to impress visitors and make a financial impact.

Setting up an ecommerce site helps you gain search engine visibility. And with more than 1.5 billion people shopping on the web each day, that’s millions of potential customers. 

Not to mention the lower costs of advertising and marketing by moving things online. 

If you’d like to get involved in this ever-evolving trend, you need to read this. Discover here five must-know ecommerce website design tips to woo your clients.

1. Ecommerce Website #1: Don’t Overcomplicate Things.

The first rule of thumb in web design is to keep it simple. If you’re new to ecommerce, don’t overcomplicate the process for you or your users.

Simple is best. Noncomplimentary colors, scrolling banners, and pop-ups are major distractions. They take away from the ultimate goal of the site—to make money! Users tend to move away from websites whose message isn’t clear upon the first click. 

Keep the design straightforward and clean. Ease the customer all the way through to the sale. 

2. Choose the Right Plugins

The right site plugins matter if you want to run an organized website. Choose well-suited plugins that fit your site’s needs.

AliDropShip is a formidable plugin for managing and organizing orders and inventory. Visit the website to check out the latest review before you download it. 

Look into an SSL certificate. They offer encrypted protection for websites that deal with personal and financial information. If you’re working in WordPress, try BigCommerce for WordPress.

It has a reputation for being a one-stop plugin for everything you need to run an ecommerce. 

3. The Power of the View Cart Button

The view cart button is not only a site’s priority, it’s also suggestive. It’s a subliminal way of encouraging users to shop. 

The view cart button helps customers keep track of what they’re buying on your site. And, it allows them to organize a purchase before check out.

Customers have an opportunity at a last-ditch effort to put something back rather than blindly hitting a submit button to cash out. That builds trust. 

4. Links to Social Media

Adding links to your social media pages keep the user’s focus circling around your brand. 

They can branch to your business page on Facebook or Twitter for products news and updates. An ecommerce link on these social media pages circles them back to your site to shop. 

5. Photos and Prices

Quality visuals attract users which leads to clicks. Use professional, high-resolution photos. Blurry, stretched-out photos are a turn off that’ll send your customers to another site. 

Create galleries of recent photos of your products. Steer away from stockpile pictures. You might end up with a photo of a product that’s on someone’s else site. Customers find that disingenuous. 

Also, don’t force a customer to click on a product that’s overpriced or has hidden costs. Some sites will list a cost to lure users then charge them more based on size or volume. Don’t do that. Decide on a price or make it clear in the text that prices may vary. 

Go Ecommerce

Stopping holding your brand back by safeguarding it behind brick and mortar. Get an ecommerce site.

You don’t have to be a pro. Using these ecommerce website design tips can help expand your label beyond the marquee.

Still unsure? Let us help. Check out our latest tips and tricks for what’s new and current in web design.