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What to Look for When Hiring a Freelance Web Developer to Keep Your Site Hot

Finding a freelance web developer has never been easier.

By 2020, half of America’s workers will be freelancers signaling impeding growth for the gig economy.

But just because they are (and will be) easier to find doesn’t make it less of a hassle for you. Here are some things to look for when hiring a web developer.

1. Can They Differentiate the Critical from the Negotiable?

When working with freelance website designers, you need to assess if they know when to use existing tools and when to customize.

A skilled developer is one who can determine whether an item delivers competitive advantage or not.

When it doesn’t deliver a competitive advantage, they need to be willing to deploy existing tools. Similarly, they need to identify competitive advantages to know when to create property assets.

A developer with this kind of skill will sidestep many delays brought on by unnecessarily reinventing the wheel.

2. Assess Their Communication Skills

There is a lot that can be said about the role of excellent communication in making a team successful.

When there is proper communication teammates can focus more on the work at hand and less on the information gaps.

When you are seeking to find a website designer, analyze how they communicate.

Do they take the initiative to reach out concerning deadlines that are due or do you have to push them? Do they ask any questions to gain clarity on the job to be done?

If the freelance developer you want to hire isn’t able to clearly explain their idea to you, it may derail your project. No matter how good they are, they need to be able to put their thoughts across to their client in a concise manner.

There is a significant number of projects that crash due to the developer’s lack of communication skills.

When you are looking to hire a freelance developer to work with an already existing team, you cannot overlook their communication ability.

If they come in and are unable to communicate with the team, it will negatively affect their collaboration.

No matter how excellent a freelance developer’s skills are, you need to place a premium on communication skills. Projects that ship are projects that survived due to effective team communication.

3. Does the Freelance Web Developer Value Specialization?

When you are considering sourcing freelance website designers, chances are that cost might be a factor.

Every business needs to cut cost as much as possible. But hiring a freelance developer who seeks to be all things will cost you dearly later.

When you come across a web developer that seems promising to you, find out if they specialize in a particular area.

If a developer sees the value of specialization, the odds are high that they deliver quality work by singularly focusing on their space.

A good web developer will know when to prize their skill and when to bring in a rounded team like the one behind this website for example.

That kind of openness to collaboration and not wanting to do it all is a mark of a valuable freelance developer.

4. Check out Their Track Record

Every freelance developer worth their salt has a portfolio they keep to act as testimony to the work they have done before. It’s this portfolio that you need to assess to have a feel of what they can deliver.

If it is possible to contact any previous clients of theirs to find out what their experience was like when working with the developer.

Feedback from a couple of past clients is one of the most telling indicators of what to expect from website design freelancers.

As you look at their portfolio, match whatever they say they achieved with the outcome. If there is any variance here, it may be a warning sign that they may not be the best fit for you.

Even if a promising freelance developer doesn’t yet have a portfolio, it does not mean that you can’t assess their work. Ask to see their samples to judge if they can deliver for you as a first client.

5. Find Out About Their Passion Projects

Truly dedicated web developers tend to have passion projects they work on when there is no client work.

These kinds of projects say a lot about the developer.

When a budding freelance developer’s passion project has been to teach themselves to code in a new language, then you can tell they are a self-starter.

That can point to their capacity for initiative which is crucial for the success of remote workers such as freelance developers.

Other passion projects can be something the developer is doing to solve a problem they see or serve a need they perceive. For example, volunteering to teach coding to disadvantaged youth.

These are all signs of where their interests lie. When you know what they like, you can understand how to engage them best.

6. Determine If They Are a Good Fit for Your Clientele

As an entrepreneur, your website is the primary way that you interact with your customers.

As such it represents your brand. Before you hire a freelance developer to work on it, you must determine if they are the best fit.

Does the developer’s portfolio or samples show that they understand the kind of clients you serve? Do they understand their needs, preferences, and expectations?

Your website has to depict your brand accurately. That type of consistency is what will contribute to converting visitors to clients as they use your site to research your business.

Whether you are hiring a developer to create a website from scratch or to make design changes, ensure they know your kind of customers to deliver well for you.

No Easy Task

Finding a freelance web developer is not as easy as it may seem.

Although there are many developers, you need to look at their soft skills and track record to know who to best work with. To learn more about web development read more here.