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The Top Website Navigation Design Trends That Are Perfect for Print Marketing Companies

Most users only stay on a web page for 10-20 seconds. That means you have about 10 seconds to capture their attention before they shift focus to a competing website.

Website navigation, in particular, is incredibly important to user experience (UX). A functional, easy-to-use website will make it simple for customers to learn about your company and product. On the other hand, 38% of users will leave websites with unattractive layouts and content.

If your print marketing company needs to improve the navigation of their website, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn today’s top website navigation design trends.

Top Website Navigation Design Trends

After choosing the perfect website layout, you’ll need to optimize your website navigation so users are encouraged to stick around and purchase a product or service.

Regardless of which trend you choose, always be sure to maintain consistency across the website. Users want to quickly access a page, and website consistency is the best way to allow them to do so.

Here are today’s top navigation design trends that can help you get started.

Use Subnavigation Menus

Subnavigation menus are a great tool for the increasing use of mobile devices for browsing websites. The main menu features “+” icons near relevant categories, allowing the user to expand related content.

You can make these menus even more user-friendly by differentiating the categories. This can be through a change in color, size, etc.

Top Story Banners, or “Carousels”

As a print marketing company, you probably have products that are more popular than others. This can include an ID maker, banners, etc. You can feature these popular products as a banner across the top, or side of the web page. This will allow a user looking for that popular product to quickly spot it, and add it to their cart.

You can also use programs that change these popular products to “related products” after a user has opened a product page or added it to their cart.

Sticky/Universal Navbars

This feature is important so users can quickly access certain pages. This can include product categories, a blog, cart, contact us, etc. 

Using sticky navbars prevents a user from having to scroll back or open a navigational menu to access main pages.

Accessible Search Bars

There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing exactly what you are searching for, and not being able to find a search bar to do so. 

Having a search bar accessible at the top of each page should be a priority, to prevent a user from becoming too overwhelmed to stay on your page.

Final Thoughts

The above website navigation design trends will make your website easy to navigate, preventing users from immediately leaving the page.

While the perfect website trends differ by your products or services, always be sure to keep them consistent across web pages.

Designing a website can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help. To find more tips on website design and coding, visit our blog today.