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So Fresh and So Clean: Trendy Designs for Your Website in 2019

What if a few quick changes could drive your website through the roof?

Your website is a great way to generate leads and convert customers, but you constantly face a lot of competition. That’s what it’s important for your website to rock the kind of trendy designs that leave your competition in the dust.

Not up on what’s hot or not? Keep reading to discover our guide to the best trendy designs for your website in 2019!

Simple and Speedy

The main design that is trending for 2019 is simplicity. And that simplicity is tied into a simple need: the need for speed!

In the web design days of old, it was cool and trendy to have chunky images and videos throughout the page. However, this meant the pages could take a while to load, especially on slower connections.

Most people are going to bail on your website if it isn’t fully loaded within the first three to five seconds. By cutting out excess images and videos from your design philosophy, you ensure that every page opens quickly, giving you an immediate chance to engage the customer.

Responsive Design

Another 2019 trend is one that has been a long time coming. Simply put, every page you design must be created with responsive design.

Responsive design helps automatically reshape website content based on the user’s device. That means that your website won’t look weird or ugly when users are browsing it on their smartphones.

While this kind of design has been important for many years now, recent research shows that more people browse the internet via phone than via their desktop. If you don’t have a site that looks good on a smartphone, then you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Voice User Interface

2018 was most definitely the year of voice interface technology. Customers became more comfortable than ever talking to phone AI systems such as Siri or automated home devices such as Alexa.

That’s why voice user interface is poised to be one of the trendy designs emerging in 2019 for websites. And for better or for worse, the jury is still out on the best way to integrate a voice interface into your web design.

While that can be annoying because there are no established “best practices” for the tech, there is a silver lining. Your own ideas and coding skills may be able to revolutionize this technology and web design in a powerful and innovative way.

Flat Design

Earlier, we mentioned the importance of making your site simple but speedy. And the next trendy design helps you do just that: flat design.

A flat design website has very few images and embraces a kind of minimalist design philosophy. However, flat design done well can still be exciting and engaging.

By using simple design tricks such as contrasting colors and sparse imagery, you can create a website that visually “pops” across a crowded room. And as a fun benefit, it will also load much more quickly than your competition will load.

Pop-up CTA

One of the oldest design tricks in the book is the call to action. This helps direct your users’ experiences and can be a great way to boost customer conversions.

How, then, can you give this old trick a new design? Simple: with pop-up CTAs.

As the name implies, these CTAs pop up organically and are not simply confined to the end of your pages or articles. This is a great way to get your customer’s attention and make them engage with your content in a natural way.

Best of all, it’s simple to turn existing CTAs into pop-up CTAs. And this creates great potential for boosting sales and improving customer experiences.

Bold Letters

We’ve been talking a lot about simplifying your web design. This leads to a natural question: how will you make your content stand out?

The answer is to use fonts that are big and bold. Large serifs combined with sans-serif fonts can really help your design to pop out.

If you want to really stand out above the competition, you might want to create and use a custom font. There’s no time like the present, as the improved resolution of modern devices makes such fonts easier than ever to read.


Minimalism isn’t the only way to draw the attention of your users. One of the hottest web design trends of 2019 is asymmetrical design.

Things like broken grids and asymmetrical designs are exciting because they are graphical “disrupters.” Your users may expect something that looks flat and uniform, and they end up with something that looks dynamic and exciting.

Such asymmetrical design is sure to get someone’s attention, even from across a crowded room. And it can be combined with other design tricks in order to draw users’ attention to other parts of your page.

The whole point of good web design is to think outside of the box. With asymmetrical design, you can escape that box forever!

Custom Icons

If you haven’t noticed yet, the world is very excited about visual communication. This is why any given text message or group chat quickly becomes filled with emoji and animated gifs.

Because of this fascination with visual communication, icons are more important than ever. They represent the intersection of logo, branding, and user experience.

Traditionally, web designers have incorporated very conservative “old school” icons. This may include simple directional icons such as arrows or back buttons.

However, designing your own custom icons is a way to truly distinguish your website. It makes a perfect and singular statement: instead of following in the footsteps of others, your company blazes its own path and creates something new!

Trendy Designs: The Bottom Line

Now you know what the trendy designs of 2019 will be. But do you know who can help take your existing web design skills to the next level?

At WebBuddy, we are devoted to taking programmers and designers of every skill level and unlocking their true potential. To get started, come check out our Web Design Help section today!