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Layout Inspiration: 9 Unique Website Layouts

When you create your website layout, pay attention to detail; in 2017, 76% of U.S. online shoppers claimed “site performance” as an important factor for actually buying from a site. Also, 75% said “intuitive site navigation” was vital too when shopping online.

In short, how your website looks to your visitors makes or breaks your bottom line as a business.

There are many website layout types, but you need a great layout with a striking design if you want to get people buzzing about your site. Use this article as layout inspiration; here are 9 unique website layouts you can use as templates.

1. R2D3

To start us off on our list of site layouts, we have R2D3, a company with “A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning.”

This company describes complex concepts through a series of simple animations. Rather than staring at a textbook for hours and not comprehending any of it, R2D3 has developed a visual module that gains the attention of anyone who visits. They use datasets about San Francisco and New York homes to show how computers use statistical learning when solving problems.

Having a complicated industry made simple by website design is crucial to the wellbeing of your business.

Main point: Use a two-column layout with multiple animated graphs to help explain concepts, both in the copy and visually to the side.

2. Presentation

Simplicity at its finest, Presentation provides you with four bodies worth of copy and…that’s it.

It’s a single column that turns into a list of projects. A web design and art direction company in Australia, Presentation uses small elements and avoids using noisy gimmicks other design websites are chock-full of. It’s a focused story that’s to the point.

Does your industry make too much noise? Should you simplify, almost to the baren and simple?

Main point: Less is more. Use this creative website idea to simplify your brand and tell your message as plainly as possible.

3. Heco Partners

Sometimes it’s good to have fun with your website layout. Heco Partners did just that, creating a clearcut, beautiful main page that scrolls into two-column sections and scroll-triggered animations in the background.

Heco is a design agency based in Chicago. Their website draws visitors in with their flowing front page, taking their motto of turning ideas into action quite literally. The wave complements their portfolio, and zero navigation prompts you to scroll down and see the whole Heco story.

Can you combine elements of your brand with stylistic details?

Main point: Don’t be all business; tell a story with scrolling animations.

4. Superimpose Studio

Other times, you want to make a big, bold statement. That’s exactly what Superimpose Studio, a creative studio challenging brands to go further, planned to do.

This company experiments with a block of black in the middle, with their portfolio swirling around in a carousel as the border. You can click on individual icons within the carousel to see examples of their work. While slightly disorienting, it’s definitely memorable.

Perhaps you’re in a niche where going past the point of unique is beneficial for your website layout. If so, use this as a template to see how you can arrange your site’s components in an unconventional, possibly inorganic way. This will help your fans and customers remember your site and your brand.

Main point: Think out of the box when getting layout inspiration.

5. Soul Jazz Records

Maybe nostalgia is more up your alley. Soul Jazz Records is here to provide instant inspiration for the vintage and the old-timey.

This record company uses a grid layout that mimics a brick-and-mortar business. By featuring a horizontally scrolling line-up of funk, jazz, and other music, it allows you to peruse obscure music at your leisure, as if you were in an old-fashioned record shop.

Could your business benefit from emulating a mom-and-pop establishment?

Main point: Decide whether your company is one for repurposing the past.

6. Dan Perrera’s Blog

If your business is a personal or professional blog first and foremost, Dan Perrera’s blog might have the answer to your website layout needs.

This is another simple layout, but it’s wildly effective. He basically places his name to the left of the screen, then puts all of his blog posts in a spaced-out column to the right. It’s beautiful and minimalistic, as well as especially unique considering it’s the homepage.

Your blog could be just as easy to navigate and create.

Main point: Use your content as your fuel; make your posts the highlight of your site.

7. Bullet Journal

A nice and neat site with a one-page design, Bullet Journal is a way to journal. Art director Ryder Carroll, creator of the Bullet Journal, uses his simple site to explain the process with a one-page layout of how-to videos.

With easy-to-follow explanations and a diagram that updates throughout the directions, Carroll uses his website space very cleanly.

Put some thought into your website when revamping the layout.

Main point: Bring amazing value to your site visitors on one page.

8. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

When you have an artistic brand, you want to put that brand at the forefront. Like the SF MoMA proves, you can use various forms of media to make your brand the focal point of your web page layout design.

With a full-screen background video and minimal links, the museum prods visitors to do actions on the screen that are most important. The website does the same thing as the museum itself: It captivates our attention. They include videos shot of museum-goers who are checking out current exhibits, as well as other glimpses of what you yourself could experience at the MoMA.

As a creative business, how could you tease at an enriching experience?

Main point: Use multiple mediums to give your site visitors a taste of your value.

9. Kevin Kim’s One-Page Resume

If you’re looking to showcase your credentials, think about using your website as a single stop resume and portfolio starting point.

Kevin Kim put his entire resume online, but he didn’t just put it on LinkedIn. Instead, he created an intriguing and engaging website that details his past projects, experience, and skillsets.

Whether you have a business or not, having a professional website for personal reasons will at some point prove beneficial.

Main point: Make your resume the layout for your website, complete with unique design elements.

Use These Website Look Ideas for Layout Inspiration

If it’s time to upgrade your website design, take a look at these website layout examples and gain some layout inspiration. Whether you’re going for unique, classic, or something in between, you can up your web page visits by giving your website a layout tune-up.

When it comes to kicking butt with your website design, keep it locked in with Web Code Buddy!


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