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A Good Link Strategy: The Key to Dominating Your Website Ranking

The number of live websites is approaching 2 billion. While not all of these websites are active, there is still a lot of competition online for your business.

When you’re working on SEO, you know you need to build high-quality links to your content so you can rank in the search engines, but what is a good link? Continue reading this article to learn how to build links strategically for higher rankings.

Putting Together a Good Link Strategy

Building links on the fly isn’t a strategy. You need to know what kind of links you need and how many. Visit https://www.microdinc.com/seo/ to learn more about SEO, but for now, let’s look at some important link building basics.

1. Get Links from High Authority Websites

Get links from websites that are trusted by Google. You can learn more about the metrics that make a website an authority site, but for now, just think about sites you trust when you visit them.

Websites that are well designed, up to date and have links built to them are going to be more valuable links than websites no one knows about. You can use SEO tools to find out how many links other websites have and other metrics that point to authority. When you find sites you’d like to get a link from, you can offer guest post content or buy advertising space on their site.

2. Diversify Your Link Portfolio

Your link portfolio shouldn’t be all from the same type of website. If you only have links from social media websites or only have links from other blogs, it isn’t as valuable as having links from many types of sites.

There are many options for building links, and while you might lean toward one type of link, you should keep watch on your portfolio to make sure it isn’t too much.

3. Link to Your Links

When you build links to your website, you should build links to those links. Never forget to promote websites that promote you. The stronger you help those link become, the better they are for your link building purposes.

Link Building is Key to Your Business’ SEO

While it is possible to rank your website on Google without links, it isn’t probable. Google uses many signals in its algorithm to tell where a website should rank and link building is one of the important signals.

Continue to build your link portfolio and your website will gain authority. When your website develops authority, it is easier for your blog posts to rank faster when you post them.

Building links is a part of increasing your website’s authority. Another part is the content you build. Having great content is part of getting other websites to link to your website.

Build Your Online Skills

Now that you know how to build good links to your website, you may want to build other properties online. Should you use WordPress or HTML? Read our article to find out today.