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Deluxe Design: How To Design Your Luxury Products Online Shop

21 percent of luxury shoppers now admit they prefer shopping online. And another 27 percent have no preference between virtual and in-person purchases. 

The luxury brands industry is at an online commerce crossroads. Most luxury products companies have embraced online marketing. But many still lag behind the curve when it comes to virtual sales. 

Interested in learning more about reselling luxury products online? Read on to find out how to attract more high-end customers with a unique virtual sales experience. 

Luxury Brands & Digital Sales

Luxury brands struggle with how to maintain the sophistication and allure their customers expect in a virtual setting. And they struggle with good reason. 

A foray into luxury e-commerce requires a new digital approach to sales. It also demands a high-end conversion engine.

All luxury products are expensive. But not all expensive products are luxury.

For example, a $1,500 pressure washer is expensive. But it’s not a luxury product. But a brand selling one-of-a-kind Russian imperial eggs to connoisseurs most definitely falls into the luxury category. 

Luxury brands require distinctive marketing. They must focus on exclusivity and design. They must employ storytelling strategies to connect on a deep emotional level with customers. 

The difference between an expensive product and a luxury product lies in the emotions that the luxury product inspires. Luxury brands have to connect with their audience and make them feel the same way online as in-store. 

Ways to Reach Luxury Brand Customers Online

Successful luxury brands have gotten creative. They’ve found new ways to provide the online convenience their customers want while preserving the buying experience. 

Some of the most prestigious brands have created online waitlist systems for their most expensive products. They don’t even list prices online. Interested customers are seen by appointment. 

These customers can schedule the appointment online as well as research the product they’re interested in prior to their in-store consultation. 

This hybrid system allows customers to shop online and even make buying decisions online prior to their appointment. And it allows the brands to maintain an elevated, one-of-a-kind buying experience. 

How to Make E-Commerce Work for Your Luxury Brand

Luxury brands have to enter the digital commerce sphere. But they can’t do it in the way other brands have. Instead, they need a unique, individualized conversion methodology.  

But there’s a fine balancing act between a luxurious, alluring site and one that’s difficult to navigate. It’s essential to keep usability in mind. 

A luxury brand should create a site that makes the products the stars. That means elegant imagery that focuses solely on the products. 

Finally, luxury brands must learn how to connect emotionally with their customers online. 

This requires a thorough understanding of the audience. Luxury brands must know how to speak directly to their customers. They must know how to help them overcome purchase barriers. 

Re-Selling Luxury Products Online

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