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Rank and File: Optimize Your Rankings with These WordPress SEO Tips

So, you’ve decided to create a WordPress website and blog for your company. 

Unfortunately, so have millions of other businesses out there. 

But just because the competition is fierce doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to stay on the fifth and sixth pages of search engine results forever. You just have to know which WordPress SEO tips can improve your site ranking and help you to better connect with your target market. 

Ready to learn how to improve SEO for your WordPress site? 

If so, then keep reading to learn some surprisingly simple tips and tricks you’ll wish you’d known about earlier. 

1. Put Important Info Front and Center

If you want to learn how to improve SEO when it comes to your WordPress site, you need to know where to put your keywords and the content you most want your consumers to see. 

In fact, recent studies show that the about 61% of site visitors won’t bother to make it to the end of a blog post or even scroll all the way down to the end of a product page. 

This means that you need to prioritize your content and make sure that you put at least one keyword within the first 100 words of your content. This isn’t just to help your users. Google also pays the most attention to the first 100 words of content when it indexes it. 

You should also include keywords in your post title and your headings, which will bump you up in the SERPs.

2. Keep URLs Simple

Not every WordPress SEO tip has to be complicated — and neither does your URL address. 

It’s important to remember that the longer your URL web address for internal pages, the less likely it will be able to show up in full in the search engine results. 

Not only does this make it more difficult for Google to crawl and index, but it also makes it tough for users to tell what the content of the page is likely related to. This means that you’ll get fewer clicks, which, of course, will lower your overall search engine ranking. 

For best results, try to include one keyword in your URL address. Using hyphens to separate words from one another.

Above all, avoid long strings of random letters and numbers. It’s not user-friendly, and it’s completely unhelpful to search engines that are attempting to correctly categorize your content. 

3. Focus on Responsive Design 

Responsive design is one of the most important WordPress SEO tips. 

If users can’t find what they need on your site quickly, they’re not going to waste their time combing through confusing menu options or waiting for several seconds for your site to load on their mobile devices. 

They’re just going to leave. 

Site speed is a huge part of the overall responsiveness of your website design. 

First, get ruthless when it comes to eliminating plugins that you don’t really need. (Though make sure you know which ones you can’t live without, too.)

Additionally, get rid of all pop-ups, autoplay videos, and larger image sizes on your homepage. 

Enable browser caching, so that returning site visitors can reload your content even faster than their previous visits. 

Just these small tweaks alone can make a huge difference, as nearly half of all consumers say they expect a website to load completely within two seconds. 

4. Embrace Internal Linking

You know that your website is filled with well-researched, well-written, and genuinely helpful content.

But how are you going to make sure that your site visitors know it, too? 

Including relevant internal links in your blog and static content is a huge tip when it comes to doing SEO for WordPress sites the right way. Notice we said “relevant links.” 

You need to make sure that you’re including links that are on a similar topic to what you’re writing about. Google can tell when you’re “hacking the system” — and will penalize your site as a result. 

For example, if you’re writing about how to put together the right flower arrangement, a link to a past article about the language of flowers or a link to a data point about the average amount of money people spend on floral arrangements a year will work. 

An internal link about how to find a great car dealership, however? 

It has nothing to do with the content at hand.

5. When in Doubt, Work with a Pro

We know that you want to make the most of the WordPress SEO tips included in this post. 

But the truth is that you often feel like you don’t have the time to manage your employees, meet client expectations, and constantly measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy. 

That’s why so many companies rely on a professional SEO agency, like JSA Interactive, to do it for them. 

Not only will going pro give you access to better and more current analytical and monitoring tools, but you’ll also be able to get higher quality creative content, web design, and understand the next big thing in SEO optimization. 

Which of These WordPress SEO Tips Will You Use?

We hope that this post of some of the most effective WordPress SEO tips has inspired you to take a closer look at how to better optimize your website. 

Remember that including relevant internal links, improving your web design, and above all, knowing when to get professional help, will ensure that you rise in the search engine rankings. It will also ensure that you stay there. 

Looking for more SEO tips and tricks you can’t afford to miss? 

We’ve got you covered. 

From mastering Java programming to considering learning code yourself, keep checking out our blog to ensure you’re always on top of what’s new in the SEO world.