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Safety First: Why Security Automation Is Critical for Your Home and Website

We’ve seen a rise in violence in the workplace as well as an increase of natural disasters. It’s no wonder 20% of workers don’t feel safe at work.

Without security automation to protect, record, and respond to problems, companies in every sector suffer. In the tech sector especially, security automation is important and needs to be accounted for at all times.

Here are four reasons why automated security is important for your company.

1. Save on Staffing Costs

One of the major ways that automated security equipment can save you money is to lower the amount you spend on staffing. Staffing costs are still one of the biggest expenses that any company has to deal with. If you don’t find ways to cut back on staffing, they could send you to the poor house in those first critical years of running a business.

Keeping your facility safe and secure is vital for a number of reasons. First, you have the equipment, company secrets, and inventory that could be damaged by theft, fire, or any kind of external forces. Also, you need to keep your staff safe, so someone needs to be on hand at all times.

Replacing onsite security with automated security devices can save you a lot of money and training costs.

If you have automated security devices, you’ll know when someone has breached your perimeter. You can find out day or night if someone has gone into an unauthorized region. Security automation not only tracks but also responds to external stimuli.

Instead of being in the dark, you’ll constantly be abreast of happenings on your site.

2. Get Automatic Alerts

With your staff located on site, they’re going to be distracted when a situation arises. Their response time can be slow, delaying when you find out about things but minutes or even hours. If they’re not looking at the right screen at the right time, they won’t find out about a problem until it’s too late.

With automated security systems in place, you get alerted automatically when there’s an issue. Data breaches will be logged, recorded, and sent as an alert to your email or mobile device. As soon as your automated system finds out about a problem, you find out.

Automatic alerts mean there’s no lag in information. Even if you have onsite security working 24/7, you’re never out of the loop. As soon as they find out about something, give them a call and coordinate a response.

Automatic alerts can be sent to anyone who you have logged as a user for this system. Configure as many people as necessary to ensure that everyone who needs to know finds out about security issues ASAP.

If there’s a fire, gas leak, or any other kind of disaster, automated security equipment sends a message to let you know. Read more now about the ways you’re protected in these particular types of cases.

3. Protect Your Digital Assets

Your digital assets have become one of the most important aspects of your business. No matter what industry you’re in or what your speciality is, digital assets are becoming front and center of every business model.

Your digital assets could be products and services you provide or they could just be customer information. If you’ve worked hard to collect customer data for several years, putting it into the hands of your competitors is the last thing you need.

However, if you have someone parked in your parking lot, accessing your company’s unsecured WiFi, they could steal your data. Even a new programmer knows not to leave yourself this open to an attack.

Security automation protects you from this happening. You’ll be alerted if an unauthorized vehicle breaches your premises any hour of the day. Configure your system to silently alert you of a breach and you’ll ensure that the problem is dealt with on your terms.

If someone with maintenance staff credentials goes into a location they’re not supposed to be in, security automation protects you. Cameras are immediately turned on, the video is recorded, and use of IDs gets logged. These systems give you everything you need to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law in the case of a breach.

4. Lower Your Insurance Costs

With powerful security systems in place, your insurance premium won’t be as high as it would be otherwise. Insurance companies love to see a company that takes security seriously. With cameras, alarms, and safety equipment abound, insurance companies see that you take safety seriously.

With all of this equipment in place, you get the added bonus of putting your employees at ease with how they feel at work. No one likes the feeling of looking over their shoulder while they walk through the parking lot, potentially with valuable company equipment. When you’ve got security equipment protecting you, you’re more confident and assured of your safety.

Keeping everyone safe lowers your liability. When your insurance company knows you’ve got cameras recording things and alert mechanisms in place, they know you have less of a chance of committing fraud. Your premiums drop precipitously when insurance companies know that.

For companies that are just starting out or that need to pinch pennies, saving on staffing and on regular bills is a win-win. Automated security equipment allows you to do both at the same time.

Security Automation Can Save Money and Lives

When deployed correctly, security automation is designed to keep people and your assets equally as safe as one another. A well implemented automated system with a robust response plan means that your security staff can be lean and powerful, saving you money in multiple ways. As you lower your risk for problems, you can also lower the number of people you need to keep the company running.

If you want to do a little programming to automate your system on your own, check out our guide to teaching yourself some code.