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Blogging About Sobriety: 5 Important Tips for Starting Recovery Blogs

Nearly 25 million people in the United States are addicted to drugs or alcohol. That’s 8% of the population.

Being in the throes of addiction is a harrowing experience. One that, for many, makes every moment feel secluded, dark, and hopeless.

This feeling of being alone with no means of breaking out is why blogging has become such an important tool among those struggling with addiction. Blogging gives addicts a way to express themselves creatively, emotionally, find support and give it through the intimate practice of writing.

If you’re thinking about starting recovery blog to share your struggles and inspire others to fight for their lives, you may be scratching your head as to what steps you should start taking.

Below, our team outlines some key considerations that will help you get your new project off the ground successfully.

1. Start Today

Embarking on any new creative venture can be daunting. Embarking on one as personal as creating recovery blogs though can be downright terrifying.

That terror makes people put things off “until tomorrow” or makes them tell themselves that they’ll start their project “when they’re ready”.

News Flash… You’ll never feel 100% ready to share intimate, powerful experiences with the world. To get started, you just have to do it scared.

Don’t give yourself a reason to postpone your blog. Just do it.

2. Read Like Crazy

There are a lot of recovery blogs out there but despite the volume, you’ll find that each one has its own unique voice and offers a special perspective on recovery.

What’s the voice going to be for your blog?

Unless you’re a writing savant, you probably don’t know yet. That’s okay.

The way that you can start understanding your voice when it comes to writing about recovery is to read stuff written by the Stop Drinking Expert and other writers in your niche.

The more you read, the better you’ll understand your voice.

3. Prepare For the Technical Wall

The technical aspect of blogging scares a lot of people away from it. Don’t be intimidated.

Learn about what WordPress is. Check out Lynda.com to become an expert on it or find free tutorials online.

We promise that with a little research, you’ll master the technical component of your blog!

4. Keep Things Simple and Consistent

Blogging doesn’t have to be complicated. If you make it complicated, you’ll give up on it.

Commit to a simple writing schedule, keep your blogging format easy, and don’t hold yourself to too high of a standard out of the gate.

Your posts will get better as you go. To start, just make publishing as non-intimidating as possible.

5. Be Honest

The best thing about recovery blogs is that they share real experiences that have the power to really change people’s lives.

Don’t sugarcoat your perspective on your recovery blog. Be real and you’ll find success.

Wrapping Up 5 Important Tips for Starting Recovery Blogs

From being honest to not being intimidated by technical hurdles, we believe that if you can take our 5 tips above to heart, the recovery blogs you create will find an audience and will potentially save lives.

So don’t wait. Start sharing your unique perspective on recovery with the world today.

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