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Step Away from the Print Ad: Creative Advertising Ideas That’ll Get Noticed

What if customers think your business is outdated as soon as they hear about you?

For a business owner, this is an absolute nightmare. But this nightmare can easily come true if your online advertising is boring and stale.

Fortunately, it’s easy to take your marketing game to the next level. Ready for a marketing makeover? Keep reading to discover our creative advertising ideas to help you get noticed!

The Unexpected

We’ve got a lot of creative advertising ideas in this guide. But we’ll go ahead and tell you the secret to most of them: doing the unexpected.

One of the reasons customers tune most ads out is that most ads are doing the same thing. If you can do something truly unexpected, then you’ll instantly stand out from the crowd.

For instance, companies selling blenders may use videos to showcase how well the blender handles bits of old technology. This has nothing to do with how most users will use the blender, but it helps the ads be much more memorable than they otherwise would be!

Coupon King

In a digital age, most of the best creative ads involve some form of digital or technological marketing. You can blend the old world with the new by offering an online coupon book.

First, customers love to get a deal. Simply offering them several coupons at once is a surefire way to start winning their loyalty.

Second, the coupon book feels like it has tangible value to the consumer, making it much more memorable than just another online deal.

Finally, it’s easy for customers to share coupons with other people online. In this way, you’ll create very organic word-of-mouth advertising.

Mirror, Mirror

For online ads, it’s easy for customers to simply scroll on by. If you want them to really pause and take everything in, try to involve an interactive element.

For instance, advertisements that allow customers to alter images of themselves encourages them to share the new image online. And producing online quizzes engages customers simply by giving them a chance to talk about themselves.

Once you let customers share what they’ve found out or created, you make them part of the marketing!

High Technology

As we mentioned earlier, we are living in an increasingly high-tech world. And while low-tech techniques such as coupon books go a long way, there is plenty of room for creative advertising using high technology.

One bit of technology that is rapidly evolving is the use of Voice Input technology. This includes things like customers talking directly to their phones or accessibility devices like Alexa.

By incorporating any kind of voice input or voice chat elements in your site, you make the customer instantly see your site as futuristic.

The Environmental Edge

Remember when your old teachers said that true creativity involved working with limitations? It turns out they might have been onto something.

This is because one of our favorite forms of creative advertising is using the environment to your advantage. For instance, a dockside restaurant could have an ad on a boat that makes it look like the rope connecting it to the dock is yummy pasta being devoured.

The website design version of this is incorporating images that interact with your text and headers in unexpected way. By making it look like your images are ready to leap off of the web page, you will engage and excite your potential customers.

On Brand Bags

If you had a retail store, then you’d likely have bags for your customers to use. But have you found the online equivalent of creative bags?

A great example of creative bags involves a fitness company whose bag handles make it look like the customer is carrying around a heavy weight. The connection is clear: everyone who looks at the bag will be thinking about how this company can make them strong.

You can include such an element in your web design by offering widgets where customers can share recent purchases via social media (a form of marketing in the moment). This lets customers feel like they are “showing off” their recent purchases while making others curious about your products.

Sex Keeps Selling

When you hear “creative advertising,” you might be thinking about “revolutionary ideas.” However, being creative doesn’t always mean you have to reinvent the wheel.

As an example, everyone knows the classic marketing idea that “sex sells” (at least, most of the time). If your company wants to embrace sexual innuendo as part of your marketing, then the main challenge is finding the right medium.

One of our absolute favorites is creating automobile stickers for your company. Using sexual imagery (such as the iconic “mudflap girl”) will give irreverent customers an opportunity to spice up their car or truck’s appearance.

Once that happens, their vehicle helps advertise your company wherever they drive. If you’re interested in learning more about the power of creative decals, you can find out more.

The “Shock” Treatment

Similar to sexual innuendo is the idea of shocking humor. Depending on your company and your product, shock humor can be a wonderfully creative way of grabbing your demographic’s attention.

For instance, an old advertisement for soda with lime in it showed that the lime had come to life. Not only that, he appeared to be urinating lime juice into a cup of soda!

Is this a little juvenile and gross? Sure. But it made an instant connection with the younger demographic that the company was trying to reach.

And, of course, “shocking” humor often gets shared, even if it is simply one person telling another “I can’t believe they got away with this.” And the old adage is true when it comes to marketing: there’s no such thing as bad press!

Creative Advertising Ideas: The Bottom Line

Now you know how to rock some of the absolute best creative advertising ideas for your own websites. But do you know how else to generate leads and convert customers?

Here at WebBuddy, we are all about helping bring your codes and designs to life. To see how you can renovate each of your sites, come check out our web design tips today!