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5 Tax Apps That Will Save Your Life in April

What’s your least favorite day of the year? For many people, the answer would be April 15th or Tax Day.

Tax Day is a colloquial word dating back to 1913 when the 16th Amendment passed enacting a federal income tax. Whose bright idea was that?

The one thing our 1913 legislators did not anticipate was the technology available to file your state and federal income taxes.

Even though Tax Day is the one day of the year that we all dread, there are some great tax apps out there to get your taxes done quickly and easily. Read on and choose the best tax app for you.

5 Tax Apps to Explore

Many of the tax apps available will make filing easier and estimate when you’ll get your return. But the best part is you can do all of it right on your smartphone!

1. TaxACT

TaxACT is geared toward people with simple tax returns. There are different package options depending on your needs.

The two apps they have available are TaxACT Central and DocVault. The TaxACT Central app helps keep you organized with checklists and a due date calendar.

DocVault is useful all year long because it allows you to take pictures of and edit important tax-related documents using your smartphone. When filing time comes around, you’ll have all your documents ready to go.

2. IRS2Go

It only makes sense that the IRS would offer a taxes to go app. It has many useful features.

  • Make a payment directly from your bank account
  • Check the status of your refund
  • If you qualify, the app offers tax help
  • Sign up to get helpful tax tips
  • Request that tax records are mailed to your address

Believe it or not, you can even use the app to follow the IRS’ social media accounts.

3. Turbo Tax Snap Tax

Turbo Tax, a name that is synonymous with income taxes, offers a slew of apps. SnapTax being one of them, will take you through the entire process of filing your taxes.

Optical Character Recognition technology is used to capture images of your documents — such as your W-2 — and transfers the information to your tax return.

It is quick and easy, and it is available to residents of all 50 states!

4. H & R Block

H&R Block’s app is called the 1040EZ Tax App. This one also has a convenient photo capture feature for your W-2.

Make sure to gather your W-2 and other information ahead of time. Should you need any paystubs for tax purposes, you should check out a paystub creator.

Using this app also offers audit support and representation from an H&R block agent at no extra charge. Both federal and state income tax return filing is free as well.

5. Complete Tax

If you have some experience filing taxes, this option will work for you. There is a plan for the self-employed and it’s slightly less expensive than TurboTax.

It was voted the best online tax service.

Taxes Made Simple

Any of these tax apps will give you the convenience of filing your taxes right from your iPhone or Android. Explore them all and choose the one that works for you. Who knows, maybe one day you will develop your own tax app.