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10 Great Reasons to Use WordPress for eCommerce Cannabis Sites

Projections place U.S. ecommerce sales at more than $560 billion dollars for 2019 and over $700 billion by 2022. The takeaway is that ecommerce is a growth industry for everyone, including cannabis sites.

For those who traditionally work out of brick and mortar stores, as well as budding entrepreneurs, there’s one burning question:

“How can I capitalize on that growth?”

You know you need a website. It gets murky beyond that. You can get a custom-built website, but solid custom ecommerce sites can take a long time to build.

If you want to get up and running quickly, WordPress for ecommerce is the way to go. Keep reading and we’ll give you ten great reasons why.

1. Simple Setup

A WordPress site can take mere moments for setup. The platform enjoys so much popularity that hosting services often offer a single-click install option.

That’s right, one click and a basic WordPress site gets installed for your domain. No messing with uploading files from your developer.

You can start customizing the site immediately.

2. Built-In Blog

In the long ago days of 2003, the original WordPress launched as a blogging platform. While the platform has seen tremendous evolution, you still get a built-in blog.

That’s a key benefit since you’ll need ways to draw visitors to your cannabis site. Writing a blog can attract visitors, especially if you’re consistent. Just stay mindful of blog writing best practices.

3. Themes

Changing the look and feel of your website is a snap with WordPress themes. Unlike a custom website, you don’t mess with CSS for every visual change.

Instead, you select the theme that suits your business. You can get themes that offer a stripped-down, minimalist vibe. Or, you can go with a sleek corporate vibe.

Some theme developers even specialize in ecommerce themes. You can choose from the many free themes, but most businesses select a premium theme to get the exact look they want.

4. Plugins

The real power of WordPress for ecommerce sites comes from its galaxy of available plugins. Specifically, you can get ecommerce plugins that set you up with a shop that you can configure. You also get options for accepting payments.

Of course, the plugin world is a lot bigger than that. You can get plugins that set up contact forms, speed up page loading, and set up membership areas. That’s just the tip of a very big iceberg.

5. Inexpensive

Cost is always a concern for new businesses. WordPress helps you keep costs down. You get the core WordPress installation for free.

You can pay for themes, as mentioned above. Some plugins come free. Some come free with payment options for more advanced features.

As a general rule, though, the prices remain comparatively low and most are one-time purchases.

6. Clean Product Display

Good online sales depend on a clean, clear product display. Ecommerce shops provide you with numerous product display features.

For example, let’s say that you sell cannabis concentrates. You can create a concentrates category button that appears on your homepage. The button takes visitors to a page that displays your individual products.

You can usually customize the pictures and quick view information for each product. You can also select the total number of products to display on each page. Fewer products give you more white space that makes each product more noticeable.

You can visit here for more info and to see a great example of clean product display.

7. Massive Community

WordPress enjoys a massive community of open source developers and active users. You can pose questions to other users about how to do things that aren’t going the way you expect.

The community also provides a number of excellent how-to guides and tutorials that you can access. These guides and tutorials can answer many of the questions new users have about using the core WordPress features.

8. Simplifies SEO

Cannabis products fall into the category of niche products in the sense that they appeal to a small subset of the population. Normally, niche product proves an easier marketing task because of lower competition.

Cannabis is a niche with an unusually high competition. That means you must work all the advantages you can find. That means your site must tick all the boxes for search engine optimization.

The good news is that does a lot that for you natively or with themes and plugins. You can install plugins that adjust many of the tiny details that get your up. Themes can give you a responsive site that adjusts well for mobile devices.

9. Scalable

Custom built sites often make scaling up difficult. Let’s say you add a whole new category of products. If the ecommerce shop you had custom-built wasn’t planned around category expansions, you’ll need a new website build.

WordPress ecommerce sites scale up with no problems. The plugins don’t know your product lines and categories, so they let you add as many or few as you need. Get a new category, you just add it in the admin page and start posting products.

10. Better Security

Since WordPress enjoys widespread use, it builds a lot of security right into the base installation. WordPress also releases updates on a regular basis. Many of those updates fix security flaws as they get discovered.

On top of that, you can install plugins designed to increase security on your site. Plus, most premium plugin developers update their own security features on a regular basis. It’s their livelihood, so they’re highly motivated to protect you.

Parting Thoughts on WordPress for Ecommerce

There are lots of good reasons to use WordPress for ecommerce cannabis sites.

You can install it with one click through most hosting services. You get a built-in blog. You also get better security and more frequent security updates than with a custom site.

It’s inexpensive compared with other options. Themes and plugins simplify everything from appearance to SEO and setting up a shop on your site.

You enjoy the benefits of a massive community of developers and other users. Plus, it’s highly scalable for those times when you’re ready to expand your offerings.

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