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Trade Show Ideas: Tips to Stand Out at Your Next Tech Conference

Trade show tickets? Check.

Business cards? Check.

Signs? Check.

Are you missing anything? Showing up at a tech trade show with these essential items is just a start. If you really want to shine, you’ll need to make your company’s convention booth the most unique one there.

Trade shows can definitely be nerve-wracking, but with the right tools, your company’s appearance can be a success. Take charge and implement these trade show ideas.

Hand Out Something Unique

Trade show goers will often wind up with a pile of useless freebies that they won’t ever look at again. This pile consists mostly of free pencils and mugs. Instead of making your company’s swag mainstream, think of other memorable items you can give out.

Goodies like branded lip balm, headphones, slinkies, umbrellas, and even socks can attract attention to your company. Holding giveaways for branded t-shirts and laptop cases is another great trade show booth idea to consider.

Wear Attention-Grabbing Outfits

Why wear a plain suit or a generic t-shirt when you can spice things up a little? Make creative corporate t-shirts that prompt trade show goers to visit your booth. You can even put an intriguing phrase the back of your shirts like, “Ask me about our latest innovation.”

You can don wacky suits or hats to really grab attention. Make sure to wear magnetic name badges so you can seem more personable, and so visitors can identify your company.

Have the Right Setup

If your trade show table looks drab, you’ll likely find a huge lack in visitors. Both the arrangement of your booth and the look of your graphics matter.

Hire a designer to create attractive signage for your company. Your signage should have a headline that is easy to read and understand. Don’t forget to use eye-catching designs and colors.

Having an organized trade show setup, along with unique perks can make people flock to your booth. Include a charging station with a QR code printed on it. People can charge their phone while scanning a QR code that links to your website.

Advertise Your Appearance Early

Let your followers know that you’ll be appearing at a trade show way before it even begins. Create hashtags, have trade show countdowns, and advertise your trade show giveaways to get your crowd pumped for the convention.

Promoting your company’s appearance can be done on social media accounts, on your blog, and on your website.

Make a Video

You have all the right signage and designs, but your convention booth may not be engaging enough. With 65% of people being visual learners, a video will likely make your table more memorable. Having a monitor that plays an informative video about your company can also attract visitors and make them stick around.

If your booth gets too busy, people can watch the video while they wait to talk to an employee. Not to mention that having a video can make your company look more professional. Keep your video short and to the point.

Getting Creative With Trade Show Ideas

When you try out some of these trade show ideas at your next appearance, and you’ll have one of the biggest crowds at the convention. Most importantly, you’ll gain new clients and customers that will help boost your company’s sales.

Polishing your website before you hit the trade show can help your company look sleek and professional. For more information on web design, find us on our blog.