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5 Great CSS Plugins You Should Use

Does your WordPress site have an attractive visual appeal that can compel visitors to take action? If it doesn’t, you may want to edit the CSS to give your site’s appearance a facelift.

Fine-tuning how your WordPress site looks like on the front end is easier, faster, and more satisfying when the changes you make are reflected in real time.

And what a better way to live edit CSS than with a CSS plugin?

Sure, some of the high-end WordPress themes come with the option to add custom CSS. But what do you do if your theme doesn’t support this feature? you’ll need to use a CSS plugin.

Fortunately, there is a universe of free custom CSS plugins you can use to add styling to your site. In this post, we’ll introduce you to the 5 best custom CSS plugins.

But first, a primer on CSS.

What Is a CSS Plugin?

To know what a CSS plugin is, you first need to understand CSS and the role it plays in web design.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and it defines how HTML elements should appear on a website. CSS, therefore, controls the appearance of a webpage.

The CSS code is what you need to alter if you want to change your website’s design. By customizing the CSS of your site, you can alter the patterns, font, color, background and any other design element.

This is where a CSS plugin comes in.

The WordPress custom CSS plugin is a program that enables you to easily customize the appearance of your site by allowing you to add a custom CSS code without having to alter your theme.

The 5 Best CSS Plugins You Should Try Out

To make it easier for you to choose the right CSS plugin for your WP site, we’ve scoured the internet for the top plugins that are feature packed and easy to use. Here’s our review of the 5 best CSS plugins to use.

1. CSS Hero

CSS Hero is hailed as the most advanced and feature-rich CSS code editors for WordPress, and for a reason. This plugin packs quite a punch and excels at styling your site even where all the other means have failed.

And it’s not just about styling and features, CSS Hero carries the Oscar when it comes to simplicity and ease of use.

This plugin comes with a live customizer that offers you an intuitive and user-friendly editing experience.

Whether you want to change the typography or color scheme of your theme, CSS Hero makes the process to edit CSS painless.

Fully responsive customization options are what make this theme outshine the competition. You get to customize even how you want your theme to appear when viewed on handheld devices.

You can use the drag and drop interface to customize every element of your theme. So even if you have no coding experience, you’ll still be able to make your site look the way you want.

Better even, it allows you to preview the changes you made in real time, thanks to the live preview feature.

2. Site Origin CSS

Site Origin CSS is another powerful CSS editor plugin that comes with a host of customization options. And just like CSS Hero, this CSS plugin comes with a live preview feature, that lets you preview your changes in real time.

If you love writing code, you’ll be impressed by the autocompletion feature of this plugin which makes writing CSS easy and super fast.

Even if you don’t enjoy coding or have no coding experience, Site Origin CSS is still good for you. It comes with a host of simple visual controls that allow you to customize the appearance of your site without needing any coding knowledge.

Its simplicity of use is also remarkable.

There is an Inspector feature that helps you find the right selector to use for every element of your website design. It also helps you identify any problems within your code before you finalize on the changes.

3. Visual CSS Style Editor

Visual CSS Style Editor is a feature-rich WP plugin for CSS editing that works great at customizing your website’s visual appearance. This plugin is easy to use and features a 100% front-end style editor.

Just like the other top-end CSS plugins for WordPress, the Visual CSS Style Editor also features live preview.

This plugin is good for both beginners and professional users. It sports a powerful visual CSS editor that provides useful visual controls that make it easy for even a novice to edit.

Just select any element you want to customize and the plugin’s powerful selector system will help you choose the best selector for the elements you want to tweak.

The Visual CSS Style Editor also offers an autocompletion feature for fast and easy writing while allowing you to edit CSS in real time.

4. Modular Custom CSS

If you love to change WordPress themes frequently, then the Modular Custom CSS plugin is all you need. This plugin offers a theme-switching feature that no other candidate on our list can offer.

The Modular Custom CSS plugin allows you to write CSS rules that are either theme specific or theme agnostic.

Theme Specific Rules

These rules apply only to the active theme.

Once you switch themes, you’ll be provided with a blank theme-specific slate to write new rules. When you switch back to the previous theme, the rules you had previously written will be reapplied.

Theme Agnostic Rules

Theme agnostic rules are not restricted to the active theme. They apply to all themes.

You could call them universal rules. Even if you switch themes, these rules will still be applied to whatever new theme you choose.

This theme also comes with a live preview feature for real-time viewing of the changes you make.

5. WP Add Custom CSS

The WP Add Custom CSS is a simple, yet powerful CSS plugin for adding custom styles to your WordPress website.

It offers many top-end features for personalizing your WP site but the beauty of this plugin is seen in its simplicity. It gives you the flexibility to not only add styling to an entire site but also to individual pages and posts.

When you add styling to an individual page or post, the plugin overrides the main stylesheet and applies the changes.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, this plugin ensures you customize your pages and posts without difficulties. It achieves this by displaying a custom CSS section below each page or post editing section.

The WP Add Custom CSS is available in three languages: English, German, and Spanish.

Wrapping Up

All the plugins mentioned in this list will give you a seamless experience when editing the CSS of your website.

In choosing the best CSS plugin for your website, always go for the ones that pair a custom stylesheet with a live preview feature.

We hope this guide will help you to choose the best CSS plugin for your site.